June 11, 2008
He is meritorious a smart man
I can’t stand to see him sear
In that small designated bed he withers away
I can’t be Dispassionate
I need to show my feelings
He is dying before my very eyes
Overcome by lassitude
He cannot even get up

Long nights in this dirty hospital roach infested and gross
My grandfather has become a very unlucky host
In his gloomy room I will stay
This sepulchral scene has me astray
My grandmother querulous with her mind gone
She just wants to go home she believes we have stayed in the hospital far too long
Irritable and cranky she won’t hold his hand
Unknowing he’s her husband
Unknowing he’s her man

He begs for one last kiss incase he is dismissed by life this very night
He asks of her to hold him tight

She refuses patting his head and saying goodbye
We claim he will see her tomorrow unaware if this was a lie

His cadaverous appearance makes me extremely sad
As I think of all of the memories we had
Watching Jurassic park on the big screen projector
He always was a great protector
Catching me if I fell off my tryke
And we would talk about the boys I liked

His corpse like body fading away
What a strong man my grandfather is today
He fell down a steep slope in four weeks time
I thought for a millennium, a thousand years he would be mine
Never the less he’s leaving us all in tears despite our pain
The light is near,
As I know he wishes my grandmother really was here

I wish death could procrastinate!
Delay the absence of some one I hold so dear
But this irrevocable illness
This irreversible disease
Will not succumb to my pleas
This tortuous curse won’t stop until we are left hurt and praying on our knees.

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