I saw you today

June 11, 2008
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You are different these days
I miss the way you laughed at my jokes
The way you looked at me when you listened to my words
Your voice makes me week in the knees
Your eyes make my heart skip a beat
I miss you and me
The way we used to be
Late night swims
Laughing without a care
You were my first love
And I find myself loving you more each day I don't see you
I haven’t seen you since that day
You vanished from my life
Today I saw you
Your beautiful structure
Your walk
Your face
My body aches
Wanting to cry out
Wanting to hold you
For you to be mine once again
I lost you once
I want to fight
So not to loose you twice
I saw you today
And couldn’t help but miss you and me
I wish I could go back
To those days
Where only you and me mattered
And you believed in me and the love I had for you

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