My World Of Glass

June 11, 2008
By Stevi Bell, Wichita, KS

My life has been just walking on a pane of glass,
I started walking along slow,
But as i got older and did things my way,
I would run and wouldnt care what anyone was to say,
But as time went on and i ran around,
I got so lost i couldnt hear any sound,
I started to cry and wonder why i was alone,
And then i would roam in any direction to find a beating soul,
I walked so far that soon anouth i suddenly fell,
This became my hell.

Hours later i wake up,
Only to be welcomed by crisp cold winds,
And i start to pull my self together, pull myself up,
And it seems something is stuck in my arms, pins?
So right now i am traped in this terrible moment,
This place where i dont want to be,
And i cant see anything,
But still an invisible force is punching me,
My head swings in every direction on its own,
Bruises apear and i can't see out of one of my eyes,
But somehow the force seems farmillar, Although i have never seen it,
I am unconscious for 30 mins more, awakeing in horror,
Replaying moments from the last hour in my head i jerk myself backwards,
Stardled by the sudden pain, but my body falls back and i hit the glass,
I was releaved my arms were finally free,and i start to run again.

I get away but i start to notice something diffrent,
My pane of glass is cracked, and chipped,
Im scared because its never been like this,
I was wondering what i did to upset the invisible, what ever it was,
I really didnt understand,but i was focused on walking very lightly,
I didnt want the glass to break, I dont know what is underneath it,
Because this is my world, But its turned silent and lone,
And i have no where to go.

Ive heard storys about the things under glass,
They have been told for generations and generations in the past,
People said if your glass is cracked then you have loads to fear,
You've done something to upset "him",
It will not go unnoticed, and the pain will never disapear,
Untill he is ready to except you again some day, some way,
When you go under glass your feelings go away,
You wont be you, you'll never again be the same,
Your heart flys to hell,
Because even thats a better place to stay then with you,
But these are all prenounced myths.

I start to notice i havent been seeing things the same,
Now one eyes gone and the other one has problems,
Im seeing all lies, and desietful crys in the dark,
Ever since it hasnt been light and everythings fadeing to gray,
I stop and i stay in a hole that was made in the glass,
I need to sleep so some of this terrible time will pass,
It takes a while but i fall asleep, and its an even darker and lonelyer place,
Now i am in my dreams, And everything is exagerated truth it seems,
Its worse than real life, with so much open space.

A long time away and the seasons have changed since last time i was awake,
I stand up and yell to see if anything or anyone was near, but its followed by echoes again,
The echoes reflect back and the glass starts to desinagrate,
I look in all directions and all i can see is crushed up ash about to fall,
I close my eyes because i know this is the end,
The glass falls through but i am suspended in mid air,
Only with my hand held high, and a fear on my face,
Soon i know i am in someones arms, because i feel warmth only on my body,
Its a diffrent kind of warmth that i think no one has felt,
And it kisses my lips and soon the whole inside of my mouth is warm,
I dont have the strength to stop it and its stange but i dont want to stop it,
The warmth turns to excillerating light, and soon all the places there were panes of glass it was light.

It sits me down after a long time in air,
I am standing on green, what is this?
But soon i dont care, because i know he is still here,
I sit down lying back on some brown,
I feel warmth all around me, "This is a hug" - he says,
I was startled at first but the voice was smooth flowing,
Then i shrug, thinking so this is a hug...?

I have been here since forever,
And i want to go back never,
The invisible force will never leave,
And hes taught me so many diffrent things,
I tell him about my feelings and he tells me its love,
You broke me away from my pane of glass,
I remember things you did to me in the past,
But i figured out why as you talk so mysterious,
You told me this is home, but really i was never alone.

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