Take it in

June 10, 2008
By lauren zippo, Homdel, NJ

Tick tock
time to stop
look around and gather your life
time won't stop like a video game
cherish all the time you can get
life is short
you'll have regrets
mistakes are good for you too
the earth is a precious place and you should leave it for others too
to fufilll a life
take it in
start right from the beginning and let it all set in
don't be selfish., just help others out
life is good and there is no doubt
you may have hatreds and even fears too
dont let them mess your life up just pull right through
there may be depression, starving and no peace but you can work on that
your an individual in this world and let it show
life is good life is great tourment pain and take advantage of debate
show your opinion show your life you'll get through it, you'll make it all right
work on it well and take it in before you know it life won't get the chance to begin

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