A Bee Story 3

March 1, 2011
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A Bee Story 3

A million years ago there lived a hive of the Greater Bees. In this hive lived billions of bees. These were no ordinary bees. These bees had yellow and red armored stripes all along their backs. Their heads are big and full of teeth. Their stingers never come out and they are always dripping with poisonous venom. But king of the land was the Great Snake; one thousand feet long every inch covered with plates of armory, leathery, scales. The Greater Bees of that time served him well. They did anything and everything the Great Snake told them to do. In secret they planned to attack and kill the Great Snake and own the land, for they new it of old and wished to rule it again. The day for freedom drew near as the Great Snake grew old and lazy. On the last night of wall some ten billion Greater Bees left there cave like fives to kill the Great Snake. The plan was to put out the eyes of the Great Snake and then let it die. All this was said true for the eyes were put out but the Great Snake could smell all the bees and followed them. The Greater Bees saw this and immediately buzzed toward the end of the earth and over the sea. The blind Great Snake did not know the smell of the sea and, to his surprise, fell right off the end of all land. The mass of the snake hitting the sea bottom caused a worldwide earthquake that separated the land into seven major parts. After the ice age no Greater Bee was to be found and humanity prospered.

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