June 15, 2008
By Miriam Abdullah, Staten Island, NY


In plain words
I'm a struggler
No deal
Just like You.

I carry the worlds pounds on my shoulder's
But unlike You,
Unlike the two most amazing people that brought me into this world,
And those before them,
And so far on,
Whom have struggled
Throughout their times.
They've come here for multiple reasons.
Too many to credit
Ones that were packaged in sacrifice
And ribbon in fear.
So unsure of where the boxes were destined to land.
They've held tight,
Ignored the pains in their arms.
The thought of letting go was never an option.
They kept strong, tribe as one
How they acted as if they knew the world,
And what it has to offer.
Wore smiles that hurt too display for long

I felt your pain within my bones,
I couldn't sleep the other night,
please stop your crying,
Your sirens ache my head
I couldn’t block it out of my mind,
These walls aren't sound proof

Those who have struggled
Never were discouraged
They took it all in, whole
Family betrayed them over a few bucks
Too young, too young minded to understand
What really lies beneath the naked eye
took it all in..
On the streets for months
Which brought out a great deal of insecurity

They sold you short,didn't they
Though you never did hand over your self worth
But those are negative times
The unpleasant that brought out true weakness

I won't get into detail..
It's all a struggle
Every breath taken is another risk
I'm alright
..I'm no struggle
My paths ahead are clear.
I won't take credit for what they've already done,
I know what they didn't
And I’m forever feeding off the scraps they’ve left me off with,
I know they will forever carry me on.


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