Where I'm From

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

I am from State Center, is it really in the center?
I am from nagging mother and reserved father.
I am from a family that cares about me.
I am from standards set, that I did not meet.
I am from jubilant and depressed.
I am from emotions that fill me with strife.
I am from self-esteem that needs boosting.
I am from farm boy my whole life.
I am from growing up with two siblings, that put me in my place.
I am from enjoyable times and sluggish times.
I am from work hard to work harder.
I am from pigs, sheep, cattle, and horses that I have lived with my whole life.
I am from black and blue; bruised and beaten.
I am from hot and cold in all the seasons.
I am from Lutheran school to public school.
I am from friendless and lonely.
I am from snowmobile, 4- wheeler, and gator that I love to ride.
I am from work, work, work.
I am from fantastic food that makes me fat.
I am from endless education.
I am from countless thoughts that stay in my head.
I am from high school to college.
I am from day to day and year to year.
I am who I am.

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