Ones Fault, Many Suffer

February 24, 2011
By xXxIvyxXx BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
xXxIvyxXx BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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Day by day,
Millions of victims are soon turned to suicides.
Million of perpetrators are soon called 'A Shame'.
And those called 'A Shame' are too selfish to face the blame,
face to face.

In denial of their harsh invective abuse.
The situation seeming innocent before,
That innocent future you did nothing but tore.
No ones guilt should matter but yours.

What do you think the one closest to the victim feels?
Imagine them suffering because of a tough guy reputation,
Or maybe because he's in 1930 still dealing with segregation.
That pain worth nothing but your desire to gain domination.

Because of ones mistake, it pains many.
To know our feelings may cause a permanent halt in our hearts.
To know people didn't care about who lives or not from the start.
To know people are born in this world as it all falls apart.

People watch the poor tragedy play like a piano.
Too scared to that if they took action they'll be next.
Those frightened bystander you label 'friends.'
Please bring this violence to a one and a lifetime end.

The author's comments:
In my school, City Year is helping us out and one City Year corps
member asked me if I wanted to enter a contest to do something to gain awareness in our community. I chose violence, and I hope you can see how it affects us.

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