you are speial to me

March 1, 2011
By Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
''be nice to others,everyone is fighting their own battles''
''only people who risk going far,know how far they can go''
''what have you done to make your life better?''

You are bright like daylight in my life
You are bold like roses in my garden
You are sweeter than candies in my jar
You are more beautiful than the angels.
Your touch is warm like morning sun
And cool like the evening breeze,
It’s soft like fur or safe like a healing medicine,
Or like a helping hand on slumped shoulders.
You have the sweet smell of flowers

And an aroma of the tea rose perfume
You have the fresh scent of the rain
Or delicious smell of the hot homemade grain
You have the nice and sweet taste of,
Everything that’s good about this world
You have the virtue of all the good people I ever met
You are the one special person I would never forget
I don’t find anything perfect in you
But I love to look at your imperfections perfectly
And maybe that’s why you are so special to me
You are as good as anyone could ever be, to me.

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