New Argument, Same Topic

December 7, 2007
New argument, same topic. My mind--a rush of emotions, about to explode, needs to escape.

Escape, escape, escape! Freedom! Please?

Stop judging, stop arguing, stop being a parent!

Your words sound the same--go buy a thesaurus.

The screams, the scolds, the “Stop being a teen!”

I can’t take this, I WON’T take this—no, not anymore, never again.

I storm off—running to get away—trying to find a way. Let me out, let me out! Let me go! Get away!

Look out sanctuary—here I come!

I glide onto my bed—my private sheet of snow, I’m a penguin on ice.

Tears soon follow. They fall; they fall.

The cold that you had created—to surround my flickering soul—is gone, is gone--has melted away.

My head is now protected; my fence is now standing.

No more noise, no more cold, no more—no more you.

My knees, now digging into my chest, return me to my sacred place, where my body comes together.

I feel so free! I feel alive! But I’m here—underneath this sheet.

I’m home! I’m home! Come welcome me; Oh boy, am I glad to see you!
Can I stay? Can I stay here? forever here alone?

I am the Indian, dwelling in my fort, the knight protected by his shining armor. No, I am but the depressed soul; watch me shrivel—the flower.

Blanket, blanket, my dear best friend. You’re always there when I need you; YOU are my helping hand.

Me and you, together forever! Thank you for all you have done. But now, the time has come again—my plane has just arrived. I close my eyes and hold you tight—together, I’m not scared.

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