I Feel Like A Stone

February 19, 2011
By Anonymous

I feel like a stone hard,boring,and left alone

A stone like me got cracks in every part of my body

It really do hurt because no one seems to heel me

I get stepped on and end up at the bottom of somebody shoe

someone help me please fix me up not with tap but with glue

I figure if i get fixed up with glue i`ll last a little longer

So if someone goes to play with me i wont have fear i`ll be stronger

Its sad because i cant Even walk or talk

All i can do is get stepped on and hear the dogs bark

I am a stone i cant Even shed a tear

I do have something that's beats and its full of fear

So my best bet is to sit here and lay

I'm something that blocks the sun I'm something hard and gray.

The author's comments:
everybody go through things in life and sometimes i feel like a stone like nobody know im there

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