The Two Graveyards

February 17, 2011
No matter how hard we humans may try, there will always be wolves on the prowl.
This fact is inevasible, but what is not, is how we react the sound of the their barbaric howl.
Whoever said the war is hell and an atrocity of man is indeed right.
But history shows us time and time again, that at times, it is better to engage in the wolves in such a plight.
For there are two graveyards that could emerge from a noble act of war.
One has but a few graves, the other has hundreds, maybe thousands more.
To choose the lesser of the two is a common thought,
But with knowledge of what lies within them, a change of hearts will soon be bought.
For underneath the thousands of graves sits soldiers, every one.
Each one gave their lives so that the battle may be one.
But the smaller yard houses not a single solider, but many victims of war.
For within those graves sits the innocent, the lame, the sick, and the poor.
The lesson taught is indeed a hard one to learn, and difficult to apply.
But it is better for a hundred soldiers, than one child, in battle, die.

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TimmothyMark said...
Mar. 17, 2011 at 3:18 pm
I apologize for the mix up of grammar within this poem, something must have gone wrong when I posted it.
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