January 9, 2008
By Ryan Benavente, Las Vegas, NV

When you just cant help but look because the girl across the table is so just so stunning
And you stutter every time she asks you something.
Your heart is beating faster and faster
You’re starting to sweat and your becoming a disaster
But you try to pull it together by looking away
You start loosing it because you’re thinking of her gorgeous face.
So you turn back around and you ask her how was your day?
You get scared but then she replies in a nice way
Your trying to think but don’t know what to say next
You look around and wander off in the sky
But then you figure out just what to say
You tell her that she is the most stunning girl that has ever came your way
You sweet talk to her and everything is going right
You’re starting to feel good and your becoming all right
The nerves go away and the sweet guy comes alive
And now you figured out that there is a confident guy inside.

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