What it does to you?

January 9, 2008
By Daniel Poku, Austin, TX

What it does to you?
You know no love,
What is respect?
The definitions were in your head,
But they done got up and left,
You’ve met with pain,
You’re best friends with hate,
You’ve been whipped, hit, rapped, and used to demonstrate,
You’ve heard their plenty screams, shoot, you’ve screamed plenty too,
And they even dream the same dreams as you do,
To fly,
You’ve watched others cry, through your own tears,
You were there when you and others sweat, trepidation to fears,
Onlooker while others died among futile hopes to survive,
Forced farewells, and obliged goodbyes,
You’ve felt what it’s like simply not to be,
So much a price you paid, shouldn’t have been a fee,
Thus, you’ve tried and seen people flee and plea to be free,

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