To Love

February 15, 2011
The sadness of life,
of being alone.
To be with someone,
to share your thrown.

To hold someone dear,
someone close to you.
To love another,
love shines through.

The feeling we feel,
deep in our heart.
Knowing what to do,
is where to start.

That happiness we know,
that love we share.
To have another,
to show we care.

To love and care for them,
to know we will be there.
Every person’s true dream,
One’s love declared.

In this time of peace,
of joy and love.
There are lucky few,
who rise above.

To find who they love,
their perfect mate.
Never again with,
the hassle to date.

Forever Loved,
nevermore alone.
Love is what it is,
an endless cyclone.

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