Lets Talk

January 9, 2008
Answer me dam it
It is not that hard
I am right hear
I have never left you
Answer me
Why cant you tell me
Call me talk with me
Why do hide and pretend not to see me
Answer me
We were fine
We had fun
What happed?
I felt safe
But now you are gone
Away from me and hiding
Answer me…please
I cant stand the silence
We could fight we could yell
But now your gone
And I cant hear you
Answer me
Tell me what I did wrong
I tried to play strong
I tried
Answer me
I am begging you
We were friends
We talked and smiled and played
I could always talk to you
But now I fell as if I have lost you
Even though you have not gone anywere
Answer me
Just talk to me
Let me know your ok
That you still care

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