Us, The Angels

January 9, 2008
When I'm with you
Nothing can go wrong
The days are so short
and the nights are so long

Can we make it last forever?
Why not give it a try?
So spread out your wings
And embrace the sky

Life, itself, was never enough
We always craved so much more
Eager to save the landing
But craving the thought to soar

Drinking the sky we'd go
The stars our only light
The midnight breeze whispering through my hair
The obsession of being in flight

I remeber the day you got your wings
All the new bridges we crossed
Before you came, I was only human
Without breath and lost

Sacrifices came plenty
Many fears we faced
Flying was the only thing we knew
The sky, our only taste

The clouds with ease
Oh the secrets they told
Fresh and wise
Young and old

We once found a time
That speical moment
It went away
No matter how hard we'd sueaze it and hold it.

But now we have this folded sky
In the palms of our hands it rests
The secrets I would hold inside
Are now, I can confess

These were but nothing
Of the magical things we'd do
But the magical part is
They happen when I'm with you.

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