Johnny Got His Shotty

February 28, 2011
By LoveSavesTheDay SILVER, Estherville, Iowa
LoveSavesTheDay SILVER, Estherville, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
I accept chaos; however I'm not sure it accepts me. (Bob Dylan)

God Give me rest
From this world I live in.
I don't wanna be ignorant
but these news headlines
are driving me insane.

Flags waving and slogans spouting
some bull**** about liberty.
Home of the Free.
Countless have died
are we free-er
Than Canada or Australia?
No, sir, I can't tell.
Screw your Liberty Bell.

Somebody said, "Lets fight for liberty!"
But what is liberty?
Just another abstract word
Like freedom.

Tell me what is liberty?
Tell me just what were fighting for
This world full of war
Wasn't what I bargained for.

Oh, but these men are heroes
protecting our nation,
Death before Dishonor.
Sounds wonderfully noble.

But what would the dead say?
Did they die thinking
of liberty, justice, freedom for all?
No. They died with screams and sobs
Fighting a fight that wasn't theirs.

The author's comments:
My wish is not to anger anyone with this piece... But just to make you think. I'm not in any way trying to bash anyone that has served our country.. I'm just the most peaceful you'll ever meet and am 100% against this war and every other war. Anyway, draft beer not people, and have a good day

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