It had been 3 months to date...

January 8, 2008
It had been 3 months to date...
and she was now comprehending it all.
His face was everywhere,
her blink flashed his image upon her.
The way he walked,
the shoes he wore,
his intriging personality all became complete
as she delved to see her love.
He was not afraid to show his feelings for her, despite them being 500 miles away.
Upon the rink,
his gloves upon him,
stick in hand,
if he let anything past
he felt he had betrayed her,
when he looked into the crowd he saw her,
when he looked at his coach it was her,
inspiration seethed through her image to him.
As she rolled on her domain,
deep in slumber,
it came.
Blasting through her like a blizzard's chill,
chilling her veins,
she saw their primary,
their initial,
she knew he was the one.

Black and white it was,
upon the summer day,
they played,
bound by the lake and the sunset.
He flew by,
catching her eye.
he looked innocent, hapless,
no care in the world.
As he set his place to look over the railing,
it hit him.
He could not help himself,
being kind and gentle,
he returned what was not his,
and then he saw her.
Heart racing,
veins popping,
he nearly fainted at her sight.
She invited him along,
to where they knew not,
he agree wholeheartedely as her gaze
froze his mind and raced his heart.
Mind racing,
he wanted to further converse her,
show her he was something worthwhile,
a person of trust and honesty.
For weeks he'd return to the same spot everyday.

And everyday she'd be there waiting for him.
Sitting under the maple tree
was all they wished for, alone,
no body to accuse them,
to intervene.
Slowly, he'd take her hand and gently rub it,
the softness of it she could not leave.
He'd sing to her,
sit with her through sunsets,
praise her looks and charm.
He wanted nothing more than to be with her,
live like her,
act like her,
show her she was the one and only.
But as this came to a climax,
she departed leaving him despaired and
hapless for he was now heartbroken
and never knew when he would see her again.
At this moment,
she awoke smile upon her face,
realizing she would do
what she could for his wish
and realized now he was the one
and she would be with him before long.

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