January 8, 2008
Oh,the deception and treason you did to me
You tried to take away my dignity
A hypocrite, you are
that camouflaged with good guys
Who actually comes forth with lies

But a bird catcher as well
Which also defines you
You tried to take away my freedom too
And how could I call that a good friend?
When you purposely let me fall!
Yes indeed, and hurt I was, deep inside
To have finally realize the truth

You took full advantage of our
You went too far cross the line
I finally can see
And no more being blind

You didn’t take in consideration
If I was going to be fine
Not only that, but you didn’t even give an apology
After all that time!

I thought our friendship was filled
with expressions of love and joy
And loyalty was kept first and
& a meaning of poise

But as a bird escapes from captivity
From the person all behind the cruelty
I believe I have that inner strength
To leave that unfaithful friend behind
Now look!
I’m off to liberty
And now I can fly!

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