Sweet Anticipation

January 8, 2008
By Caitlin Ferguson, Southborough, MA

Cool pavement beneath each foot fall,
The air settling between chilled branches,
My face, colored with lack of warmth,

Icy frost kisses my skin with sting,
The sky a grey, unmoving blanket,
My fingers trace my bitter, cherry lips,

I walk, hands in my pockets,
I shiver, zip my coat tighter,
I step, straight into his captivating frame,

Cool pavement beneath our shoes,
The air settling upon our shoulders,
Our faces, calm as they brushed slightly,

Icy nerves shatter throughout me,
The sky, closing over head,
His fingers trace my bitter, cherry lips,

We walk, my fingers knotted through his,
We shiver, move a little closer together,
We step, right into the shimmering snow fall.

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