A Ghost From My Past

January 8, 2008
By Destiny Esper, St. Louis, MO

You're begging me not to go, but I can't stay
You claim you love me, but you drove me away

Girl after girl,lie after lie
Chance after chance, try after try

How could you do this to me
When I gave you everything, I have nothing left
From the money in my wallet, To the heart in my chest

Spending night after night, crying over you
Wanting to work things out and start over new

I love you, I hate you,you're the only weakness I have
How do you make me smile, then make me so sad

You were my best friend,talking to you was a must
The only one who knew everything, the only one I could trust

You're not the same person that you once were
What I ever saw in you, now, I'm really not sure

You walk in and out of my life like a revolving door
Continously playing with my emotions leaving my heart broken and sore

I'm letting you go today and your memories too
From the first time we met to the things we used to do

I'm all cried out, I don't have time to play, I knew this wouldn't last
I don't want to hurt anymore
I can't stay, I'm leaving, you're a ghost from my past

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