January 8, 2008
By Destiny Esper, St. Louis, MO

I flip my hair
I lick my lips
I catch your stare
With every glimpse

I wave Hello
I blow a Kiss
I shake my head
You can’t resist

You want it bad
Boy I can tell
I send chills through your body
With just my smell

You just don’t know
What’s all involved
Messing with me
Won’t get your problems solved

I’m more than you can handle
I’m more than you think
With a smile so bright
And a look so distinct

I’ll give you a chance
But you won’t last long
Unlike the rest
I’m entirely too strong

I’m more than you bargained for
I’m more than you understand
Which is exactly why
You can’t be my man

So give me a hug
Your dreams should now be gone
Don’t be a groupie
Just keep it moving along

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