January 8, 2008
By Mariah Jennings, Happy, TX

As my fingers fly
the notes flow out
not to be stopped
the sweet sound they make
the wonder it feels me with
the pride that is mine to grab
to hold
the music is apart of me
a single part of the whole that makes me
as the notes fill the air
a sweet reminder of all that is right
ans all that is wrong
my fingers may falter
the notes not as sweet
the wonder not as sound
but the feeling is still there
sonething that can never be taken away
the soul of the music is there
the heart of the song never leaves
the pride never ever fades
no matter what, my fingers stand strong
and my heart sound
the notes for me never stop
and the joy never ending
the song plays on in me, even as i walk away
it is me

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