January 8, 2008
By Cody Armstrong, Hamilton, TX

Here I am walking my brother’s Shetland pony
when one of my grandpa’s workers Tony comes up to me
and he says watch me; he isn’t tame
we’ll see you later
I got to go fix a picture frame
then I’m thinking to myself I got to train this Shetland pony
because its my brothers present
even if he isn’t very pleasant
then as I am trying to pull away, I tie the lead rope to my arm and he rears up an jerks back and starts running
as I am being drug behind him
then he hit my knee really hard
then I fell on my chin braking it in two different places
then I was sweating so that the sweat in my hand freed me from the lead rope
I fell over on my back
then I got up limping
ran into grandma and grandpa’s house to tell them that the Shetland pony had gotten away
papa went to go get him
well the doctor raped me up good
next day I went to school
every body made fun of me.

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