The Girl who use to be...

February 17, 2011
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There's this girl
Stubborn and hurt
With a broken heart beneath her shirt
She allows the pain to empower her brain
And when she's all alone she's asked..."What's wrong?"
but she simply smiles
Denies the lies When really it is all true
So she
Goes home to this so call
And every time she speaks he raises his hand
At night she sleeps to bruises on her cheeks
If she told the truth
No one would believe
Papa's a rolling stone and Mama's left alone
No one really listens to her lonely cries
So sorrow pours from her eyes
To her it is ok
because she believes pain is love and the more pain she feels the more she feels love
The girl grows older and still with the man
who continues to hit her every chance he can
One day she finally decides to leave, to free herself from misery
She escapes
And to the guy who treated her wrong
I pray for you
She attends a University now
Where are you?

Rip to the girl who use to be
For that helpless girl was me

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