The Epiphany

January 8, 2008
Lusting for losing myself in this life;
Succumbing to the shelter of the norm.
A frenzied force-feeding of unfulfilling sedatives,
To hinder the pain I never knew I could handle.

Just to help the world go by a little easier;
Just to help my stomach, from getting a little queasier.
Just to diminish this desperate endeavor
Of finding something that would last forever,
Something to furnish this virtual vacancy
That I could feel ever-growing inside of me.

Denying the already diluted doubts;
Oblivious to this disease of depression.
Such simple symptoms were left unnoticed.
My eyes couldn’t have been more unfocused.

But now I can envision the savior that this void could be.

So I am shrugging off this seemingly permanent paralysis.
And finding friends in those I would never have noticed.
So if it takes such an extremity to achieve this ecstasy,
So be it.
Because I have never been more in love with this life I did loath.

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