Loved One

January 7, 2008
By James Neal, Hamilton, TX

Bye, is all I could say,
I didn’t know what would happen, later that day,
I went back to my house and to school the next morning,
When I got home, I heard something terrifying,
My favorite uncle was in a wreck,
All I could say was no, why him,.
Why couldn’t it be me?
A couple of days later I got over his wreck.
He was fine, I thought with joy,
But when I got home, my dad told me he passed,
I cried the next three days,
Every night before I went to bed, I prayed,
“Please Lord, bring him to Heaven,”
A week later I left school to go to his funeral,
All I could do was cry, and cry,
One year later I went back to his grave,
Sat their on the ground and cried,
Every time I see his grave, and read the words on the headstone,
I cry,
He wasn’t just my uncle, he was my friend.

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