Calm Face

February 9, 2011
By Anonymous

All the titles she should hold
It's hard to really tell cause her heart is so cold
She tries to make jokes
She tries to play nice
But we all know thats just to break the ice
All to put on a show
Trying see just what we know
Not about her language
They know too much Spanglish
I know too much English
And it's hard to distinguish
Real from fake
Fake from real
I try and be nice so what's the deal?
You up in my space, all in my face
Even when I change my place
you still seek my face
My face in the crowd you say you'd be proud
But now I don't know
What have you got to show..?
I'm real calm now but in time you'll see
This calm face hides the rage of my diminished race

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