Live For Today

February 16, 2011
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I see things in your eyes
And I can read your face.
I know you're dwelling on
Those memories you can't erase:

Replay them over and over
'Till they're burned into your brain;
Wonder, if you'd acted differently,
Would your life still be the same?

Counting your regrets -
They multiply like tears
That're spilling from a fountain
Built of your life's years.

But don't let them slow you down
As you run in the race;
If you turn back now,
You'll end up in last place.

Help is hidden everywhere -
Use your past as a guide.
If you can look past the shadows,
You'll see there's a brighter side.

Accept what you can't change,
For you can't go back in time -
Alteration's not an option;
No way to undo your crimes,

But if your mistakes come to haunt you,
Keep them at bay.
Forgive yourself, forget,
And live for today.

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