Life Lesson

January 7, 2008
By Lesli Jester, Hamilton, TX

Going through Jr. High can be tuff
You’re finding out who your true friends are
Be aware because you get stabbed in the back
In Jr. High it’s like there is no such thing as a secret
Rumors go around
You lose some friends
During hard times you will find out who your friends are
Things are said
Tears are shed
You feel like things can’t get worse
But I’m sorry, they do
Alls I can say is don’t lower your standards
When it’s at the worse point, things can only get better
Stay close to your family
They are always there for you
The past two years in Jr. High have been hard for me
But like I said the worst can only get better
I’m still finding out who my friends are
But at the same time I know who I can and can not trust
Like they say keep your friends close but your enemy closer

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