Don’t Leave

January 7, 2008
By Kourtney Redstrom, Hamilton, TX

Please Daddy don’t leave
Stay with me Daddy I don’t want you to go
I won’t get to hear your voice or see your smile
When you told mom and me you were going over seas
I cried for quite a while
At first I was mad then I was sad
Then I realized I was being selfish and you would not be proud of that
You are a hero Daddy
Its you job
I’m just scared what happens if you don’t come back
Who is going to cheer me on in sports
Who will be the one to walk me down the isle
But Daddy you are in my prayers
You will be with me even though you are so far away
I will think of you day and night
And I will be the first person you see when you step off the plane
I will be strong for you and I will take care of mom
I love you so much and you will be back
I will miss you more than anything in the world
Daddy you are my hero

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