January 7, 2008
Sitting in the parlor
Watching t.v. we heard
A knock at the door and there
Was my grandma in tears?,
crying aloud. I asked her
what had happened, but all
she could say is that your cousin was
in a wreck and that he was very
badly hurt, so up we jumped up
got dressed and out the doors we
went and to the hospital, where
they told us what happened
they told us what happened
which was that he was sitting at
a stoplight and a drunk driver
came speeding up behind and hit his
side of the car, and busted his seatbelt right in half
there he flew and hit the ground, it
tore his face off and his skin, it was so bad you could
barley recognize who he was, and we were
talking to him, then all of a sudden
he had passed away and that was the last day, I had seen him for the rest of my life

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