January 6, 2008
She is like a book
sitting on the shelf,
when opened,
full of adventure She
invokes you, pulling you in
when closed,
shut away from the world.
Her pages locked inside
only coming out for…
the devoted world who truly
cares to delve beyond
Her tough leather cover.

Man in the Moon
he pops out of childish anticipation;
the jack in the box.
you never see him, but,
you know he exists…he is the definite,
predicted surprise
you dare to draw him out
but fear his appearance…
suddenly he appears, making
you laugh,
the work that you suffered,
to get him there.

Gin and Tonic
Entering a room, She reminds
you of colorful, crazy, Christmas lights.
everyone loves that symbol of
happy times
carrying her gin and tonic she laughs
lightening the air
with every sound.
bright and colorful
you allow yourself to be trapped,
like a fly on honey,
entranced by her…
fixated by her…
you never even notice
she is sitting in that

Inevitable Toxicity
being around her suffocates you.
Like a room filled with expanding smoke.
there is no escape, no exit
from the moment you see her,
she attacks,
sucking away all of your happiness,
your hopes, your confidence,
like a practiced snake
watching the innocent mouse.
She puts on a ruse, with her icy red finger on your shoulder…
the whole time you see right through her translucent skin.
watching her bitter thoughts
being expelled on you.

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