strobe light gretta

January 4, 2008
What's that called when the world flashes in slow motion?
And it's dark,
Very dark.
A strobe light.
Yes, that's it!

Hands grasped mine and pulled me up.
A voice chuckled at me.
Don't laugh at me, I retorted.
You cannot walk a straight line.
Can too! Even if the world is slanted.

A convulsive laughter overtook my slumped body,
And I shook,
The sight evoking laughter among those surrounding me.

I turned toward a boy whose name I still don't know.
Why are you wearing a bandanna?
Then facing another, I asked him,
Why aren't you playing music? You're supposed to.
You're a tape recorder.
I made a mental note that the girl with snakebites was very pretty,
Even when she was helping push a cup of water at me.

My eyes kept fluttering,
And running only made the atmosphere sway around me.
I questioned the girls sitting in front of me,
Like three ducks in a row.

Why don't you go to school?

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