I Know Why

February 13, 2011
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I know why she cries in the night,
How even when it hurts she still can't fight.
She hides her heart behind the thickest walls,
And lets no one in, no one at all.

I know why she holds it all in,
Scared to let anyone know the places she has been.
To throw it all out there makes her a little bit wary,
But to keep it in, makes it a little less scary.

I know why she won't let anyone know,
Why she only cries in the dark shadow.
She covers her face with a smile so bright,
On the outside no one knows she's not alright.

I know why her heart is hurting so,
As she quietly stares out the rainy window.
She sits there thinking back through the years,
It's hard to remember a time without tears.

I know why she cries throughout the night,
She wishes she could put up a fight.
But there is nobody there to catch her fall,
No there is nobody there, no one at all.

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