As stress pulls me to Insanity

January 4, 2008
I’m lost inside this world I call my own,
sitting across from those at church who care to dream,
deep within myself I cry for them to see,
the stress of being the one in charge which overcomes me day by day,
inside the deep walls of my mind insanity takes over,
the voice within my eyes scream broken glass, fragments of tainted reflections,
glass tears sting there expectations,
as raindrops outside devour odd shapes which beat against my windowsill,
pressuring myself; trying to unlock creativity as my mind swims through insanity,
fragmented thoughts embedded within my dreams as I sleep,
my insensible mind kisses the edge of reality,
as I fumbled through tainted rooms which was stained by insensitive thoughts,
stumbling through darkness, watching my every step,
hoping not to fall into the black holes of my mind,
running from these hard times as I’m slowly being tested,
through my faith before I am called before God on judgment day,
hoping for my mind to become a stage for only him to see,
only he knows what’s going on through my mind,
I’m only hoping that he will help me put it back together,
as the stress pulls me into its world of insanity.

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