The Musical Emo

June 10, 2008
By Derrick Pierre, Opa Locka, FL

There’s a song for every moment
Everything in your life that’s manifesting
Everyone of your crimes or sins
There’s a song to help let go for a little minute
There’s a song to map the beginning
Of a new and significant something

I believe that music is very emotional
There’s a song and artist for most of your emotions
If you want to have fun, rap is for you
If you want to think and smile, pop is good too
But rock is an epic to me
It is filled with emotion
This musical emo called rock,
Is overflowing with dedications

Alternative is for those that are sad
Pop is for those that want to jam
Heavy metal is for the fed up
Here I am

Punk is for the lyrical mind
Soft is for the light-hearted
Whatever you’re looking for
The Musical Emo has it

This is no advertisement
But you should really check it out
Cause The Musical Emo has it.

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