A special friend.

June 9, 2008
By Amber O'bryan, Forest City, NC

I live though the deepest fear to find you at the other end.
Your smile that brightens my day,
like the sun that lights the sky.
No one else can give me a feeling like this.
Were the best of friends,but long to kiss.
I wish to be with you every minute of every day.
But no,
Maybe god intended it to be this way.
I ended it all with the following words from a folling friend,
a pretend friend,
Who wanted my world to end.
You were my world,
you were my every breath,
you were my every dream,
A friendship shouldnt come from all this.
But amazingly,through out it beamed.
Maybe my mistake was some sign,
that you were only meant to be a great friend of mine.
I am thankful that we are still so close,
even though we dont share what i wanted most.
For now, i understand what i have gained from all of this.
A special friend,some one for not one moment, do i want to miss.

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