Where Am I From

June 9, 2008
Where am I from?
I am from where the sky meets the earth, no longer trapped in the endless ring of solitude-running wild and free, as carefree as could be. I am from the land in which equine and human intertwine no longer two forces but the most dexterous team.

I am from where one can close their eyes and shut out the world, all while feeling perfectly at ease. The place from which I come can see no boundaries, light and darkness, the dazzling darkness of my heart. I am from the voice of horses, cats, and dogs. I am from the keys of a piano and the tree of a saddle. I hail from the place in which this life makes sense; and I am from the place filled with the lullabies of instruments.

I am from the place where horse and rider reign. All forces of the earth together, no longer individuals but a single team. Here women dare to dream, and appease the untamed, whimsical part that every human carries in their hearts.
Where am I from?
I am from the place where the sky meets the earth, sitting on the back of my horse.

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