June 8, 2008
My heart has been betrayed and beaten
Thrust about in a mutinous way
And her crew has thrown her bruised captain overboard
They await not and drive their course on!

Sweet body, why do you cry aloud?
The Heaven’s can’t hear you for they have taken all you’ve loved
Your Hope never fell down to earth with you
Your Faith has burned up like the wick you put out.

Boom. Boom. Boom!
The flag is grinning with triumph
White flags don’t reign in my cave!
I shall have my right to be unclean and a lover of filth.

My life is spent on a whirling wind
Spinning, Whirling, Twirling in a strange maze
Brick brack and unimportant things make their ways in
Never leaving just accumulating.

Again the clock will strike twelve
Again the girl will go in so that the beasts’ claws will contract,
Crouched down in a corner and fearful of the teeth.
World, don’t rear and roar with me.
Let me yell aloud and alone.

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