June 7, 2008
By Al Pham, Du Bois, PA

Imagination can’t last forever,
But the lies within can become true.
..If only they could…

Let me enjoy this soft melody.
Blocking away my awfulness.
Wash away the flaws…
Watch as I hope to transform.

You can throw me away.
You can step all over me.
You can laugh at what I say.
You can break me to pieces.
I no longer have the pride I carried.
Let me down. Fool me around.
And watch me tether and cry.
It’s okay to be cruel.
I deserve to be hurt.
Drown me in disappointments.
Breathing away the surface.
Clearing out my consciousness.

You stabbed me.
By ignoring it.
It’s too late now to realize.
That falling apart,
Is my only escape.

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