To That Nameless Child

February 6, 2011
By Anonymous

To the girl I never knew
With the black hair
I suppose you had
I light a candle you are that candle
For the cousin I never had
Your heart was too weak
We are alike in that sense
They scream in sorrow, in fury, in despair
Your parents’ cries
Hearing them from the other side of the world
I weep, I bellow, I shed papery tears
For I have nothing to fear,
Because I have never looked you in the eyes
And I have never heard your voice
How dare I mourn for someone I never met?
For your name I never heard
Your shade of eyes must have been a blue
Like the sea
Like the sky
Like the things you’ll never see
Gone from this world
With only your mother’s
lost hope in your heart
With your father’s strangled
shouts in your soul
I hope He was happy that day
as He stole more than a child
He stole me too.

The author's comments:
Autobiographical, my baby cousin died a couple of weeks ago, I never met her. I hope people understand that life is too short to wonder.

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