The Moon and The Rain VS. The Sun and The Stars

June 7, 2008
By Jaci Miller, Commerce City, CO

My history is rain.
My present is rain,
And so is my future.
Reality is my rain.

Hidden I stay
Locked away
Where the moon will never find me.
In the night
Under repair
Separate and frightened
To take that leap
In which my dream can transform into reality
So reality can no longer be my rain,
But my Sun.

However, I have fallen.
I’m asleep and secluded.
Walking and talking,
But eyes sealed shut
Hoping that if not looking
You neither can see
What I really might be.
Family and friends turned away.
Sitting alone lit up only by the moon.
Soaking wet from the continuous rain.
Wondering what’s left
When abruptly
The feeling of another presence is near.
Squinting and turning
Thinking they’re unaware.
Through my eyelids it gets brighter and brighter.
I feel the warmth.
Trying to make it out.
No shapes
Nor colors.
No losses
Nor tribulations.
Making out nothing, but a star.
Shaking and dripping I am
When suddenly….

He says,
“I see.
I can drive your moon away
And let the sun replace this rain.
I can help you make the night day again.
I will remove your fears,
Your pain,
Your tears,
And your agitation,
But only if in my hand yours lies.”

Inside I cry
And in all the years
Crazy I have been driven.
Edgy smile,
Friendly greetings
Distracting them from reality.
I let your preconceptions fool you,
But this glowing presence sees me?
Make my night day?
How can this be?
The moon is all that’s left.
This spirit says the moon can be defeated?

This star shining so brightly
Softly says,
“Open your eyes.
Take my hand.
You will be saved.”

I slowly,
But surely
Take a deep breath,
Swallow my pride,
And open my eyes.
Straight in front of me I see
Luminary eyes with a hand in reach.
Gave me warmth I never felt before.
Gave me happiness I thought never existed.
Felt the strength and courage that could take on anything.
Had the confidence all could notice.
I looked at him and smiled.

He says,
“I know.
It’s the Sun.”

At this moment I knew and trusted in the Sun’s capabilities.
And knowing
The foundation of love
Was for the first time
Built in my life
With the help of a single star.
Open your eyes.
Find your star
That leads you to the knowing fact:
Son will always overcome the rain.

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