The Surrendered Heart

June 6, 2008
By Amanda M. Woodard, Wylie, TX

I throw up my hands in surrender;
I don't even know why I'm fighting.
You never intended to conquer me.
Your smile is warm and inviting.

Here are my hands, God,
use them and let your will be done.
I think these tears of joy are for
the best that's yet to come.

Here are my lips, Dear Jesus,
may they praise your name forever.
It would tear my soul apart
if we couldn't be together.

My soul. You can have it.
It's been badly neglected and tattered,
but if you'll take my sin away,
I wont be so hopelessly shattered.

Here is my heart. I know it's broken;
I tried to fix it with scotch tape and glue.
But now I know it's better to have loved and lost
than to live my whole life without you.

I'm so sorry I tried to replace you,
one temporary thing after another.
I don't care about any sadness that comes
as long as we have each other

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