Daydreams on a Wednesday Afternoon

June 6, 2008
By Audrey Guo, Phoenix, AZ

Spilled concoctions of
Pale Easter egg hues
Puddle along the side of the road –
Still fizzing in effervescence.

Puffs of wind
Push the baubles of translucent glass –
Pearly white and confectionery pink –
Along a magnificently arced path
Over cotton candy rainbows.

Imaginary melodies
Waft to my ear,
These tinkling rhythms from my
Music box piano.

Droplets of sweet rain
Whet my senses.
A fusion of spearmint and
Raspberry – not yet ripe.
Glistening beads that adorn every rock and leaf,
Scintillate into a million pinpricks of light.

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