Falling Raindrops

June 6, 2008
I'm sitting here by the wall,

Watching the raindrops


I'm wishing you were here with me.

Seeing different things,

That I didn't see.

The rain drops are clear and small.

Small rays of sunshine;

Or not beautiful at all?

They shine in different colors of red, yellow, and blue.

These small fragments.

Make me always think of you.

As the rain is pouring fast and slow,

I was just wondering,

Where and when did you go?

The rain is pouring by ones, threes, and twos.

We never thought that,

You and me were the ones that would lose.

The rain is losing power and strenght.

We always knew,

that there would be a debate.

So now I'm sitting on the wall,

Watching the rain drops


And Now, I've just realized.

There was nothing I could do at all.

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