Sometimes I Wonder

February 1, 2011
- Sometimes I Wonder if life is a game.....are we just in it for the hell of it?Why do we continuously play and remain loosing? Is this the outcome of it all?Who will win when it all comes to an end?So many questions run through my mind as the day goes by.
- Sometimes I Wonder why it feels as if noone loves me.....Is it my face my hair or do you really not care?I was told to trust and believe in myself and one day my hopes and dreams would come to pass, But whats to believe when you threw away your hopes and dreams?
- Sometimes I Wonder why im all alone....No one to run to when the night grows old.Who do i look up to when there's no one around.?How do/can i contain my tears when my heart is full of fear?Im scared to continue on this road of darkness, this journey of terror has my heart wrapped in sadness.
- Sometimes I Wonder if there's anyone out there just like me....wanting love from there family.Is anyone out there yearning to be free?Used to think this life was a dream but its reality.Never know whats going to happen next.
- Sometimes I Wonder if there's ever goin to be a change.When life comes to a road block, will i be able to switch lanes.The days spent trying to find someone/anyone who can mend my broken heart.I once thought it was fate until i went through hells gates.Finally i realize i cant make it on my own.
- Sometimes I Wonder is there anyone,anyone willing to hold my hand.Will you stand by myside even while i cry.I try and try to keep my head high, but it seems like there's no one around to tell me just stand my ground.Im runnin a race i cant fight on my own.Im scared to fight, scared to run , losing hope because im all alone.


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