i still feel you

February 7, 2011
as the days pass by long and slow.
i cant help but let y mind drift to you.
its still hard to believe your gone.
i can still hear your laughter in my ear.
seems like everywhere i go theres always a memory of you.
the tears don't come anymore they have been replaced with a smile because when i think of all the good memories we shared, smile is all i know how to do.
your favorite songs played on the radio at the church one day
and we danced to them and smiled just like we used to do with you.
your still in my heart and that you'll always be that place was meant in my heart for you to be.
i know your up in heaven looking down at me cuz i still feel you with me.
sometI'mes while i think of you i feel my hair being pulled something you used to do sitting in church. so i just close my eyes and whisper a little thank you to you. i wouldn't want anybody thinking I'm insane but i still still you around me
R.I.P. J.M.M.

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