Pine or Plastic

June 6, 2008
By India Dancil, Baldwinsville, NY

“Pick any one you want!”
I remember it like it was yesterday. The snowy ground, the runny noses, cold hands, and mud soaked boots. There were thoudsands—a whole world of Christmas trees!
“I pick this one!”
The little one with missing branches and uneven sides.
“No wait! I pick this one!”
The Christmas tree with the awkwardly long trunk and naked branchs. Yea…I remember it like it was yesterday.
A house that smelled of pine. Little prickly green things all over the floor and the millions of ornaments that I helped put up! Yup it was almost the perfect tree for Mommy, Richy, Alex, Quanny and Me.
What’s it missing?
Presents underneath!
I sneezed, coughed, wheezed, and itched.
Allergies meant no more Christmas Trees.
“Pick any one you want!”
I wandered through BJ’s. Trees and trees and trees and trees.
Small trees,
Tall trees,
White Trees,
Bright trees,
Star-included-perfectly-straight- just-right-trees…
But not for me.
I wanted the one with the missing branches and uneven sides.
Stupid allergies!
We got one. One from a box with folded branches and built in lights.
I’m sad--the smell of plastic…
is certainly not the smell of pine.

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